A Physicist on Physiology

Since physiology is near and dear to my heart, I thought I’d quickly post a quote that caught my attention from a blog on “What is Physiology?”

Physiological processes are dynamic processes that aim at preserving a constant physical and chemical internal environment. This is an important point. Physiology is much about regulation, that is, closed-loop control systems.

Closed-loop systems – that’s the 30,000-foot view, the starting point for describing the complex moving parts that make the systems work. Communicating the details, the cellular signaling, the transcriptional regulators, the gene promoter elements, that together keep the closed-loop physiological systems balanced (or, on the other hand, what happens when one of the moving parts goes wonky) – that’s the challenge I relish as a science writer and editor.


One response to “A Physicist on Physiology

  1. Hi Stacey,

    the challenge I face as a scientist using mainly math is grasping the overarching concepts that define physiology as a discipline.

    Meanwhile, in my subsequent blog, I dropped to a lower height, though not as low as the molecular level (see: http://www.scilogs.eu/en/blog/gray-matters/2010-08-05/physiology-organized-by-major-body-systems).

    In fact, soon (third part in this series), we will be than balloon back to a height of 30,000-foot and take a closer look “what happens when one of the moving parts goes wonky” in mathematical terms.

    That is the essence of the concept of a dynamical disease. It is all mathematics, but I hope I can get the “Tobin Touch” on it. And I won’t use equation, I promise.

    Kind regards and thanks for posting this

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