AMWA 2010 – A Bloggers Bonanza!

Lots of blog fodder at AMWA 2010 – here are some posts I am planning – though no guarantees on timing…

  • The Business of Freelance – can I interest you in taking on a whole other job in finance and marketing?
  • Cash flow in freelance – HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, sorry, was I laughing?
  • Working on that dang tag line again…
  • The intuitive writer – That’s a nonrestrictive clause? Huh. I had no idea.
  • The lure of volunteering – someone stop me, quick!
  • Defending against scope creep
  • Many thanks to my conference coach and workshop leaders and breakfast roundtable mates and fellow coffee klatschers and chapter members and…
  • Finding my professional voice – apparently, it was hanging out in Milwaukee
  • Message received: all freelancers find themselves overextended
  • Measuring the value of a professional author’s editor – can it be done?
  • In which I ponder the need for even more letters behind my name
  • Always the Student – my pursuit of the AMWA essential skills certificate
  • Making myself part of AMWA’s history

I’ll be updating this list as I make my way through the final day at AMWA tomorrow. Then I promise I’ll get to it over the next few weeks to share what I learned!


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