Two days in…and it’s all about time

Well, I am officially my own boss. Everything is completely up to me. The best part? I finally have huge blocks of time available to me…during the day. There shouldn’t be any reason for me to be up at 3AM anymore. Rather than “fit in” my freelance work around other responsibilities, now my responsibility IS my freelance work. The other great thing is that I am no longer having to switch from task to task, having to physically and mentally move from freelance work to contract job to staff job. It’s all in one place now, in my home office. I feel efficient and focused for the first time in a long time.

Now that I am fully freelance, I can also expand my Web site (or is that website?) to reflect all the services I offer. No more conflict of interest…on to phase 2 of my business plan. I can also visit clients and pursue career development opportunities without having to schedule vacation days. My time is my own.

Although I am (obviously) giddy with my newfound freedom, I can anticipate at least one big issue. July is a relatively slow month, and I can’t kid myself that it will stay this calm and under control. In fact, the chaos will probably resume as early as next week. So I predict that my biggest challenge will be overpromising. Just because I have these unbroken blocks of time to work with doesn’t mean I need to completely fill them. I have to watch my schedule closely and set realistic deadlines.

But two days in, I have to say am thrilled with my decision to finally take the leap to a freelance career. It took me 5 years and many baby steps to get here. I’m a little proud of what I have accomplished, a little anxious about how to proceed, and very excited about moving forward.


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