This freelance thing? It’s a lot of work.

Well, I’m into month 2 of my full-time freelance career as a medical writer. And I’m still trying to get used to it. I’m very busy, so that’s good. But I’m sure I am not managing my time efficiently – there are a lot of hats to wear when you’re doing it all yourself. And I can’t quite get out of the night owl mode and take advantage of these huge blocks of uninterrupted time I was so desperate for.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s AMWA annual conference, where I’m going to soak up as much information as possible from other freelance writers. I’m attending at least a few sessions on efficiency and tools that can help me manage my time–Although I love Fanurio, by the way. What a great program for tracking time and income!–and not spend so much time on administrative stuff!

So I’m happy to report that even though I am experiencing some growing pains, this move to full-time freelance was a good one. The freedom and time are priceless. The stress I could do with a little less of, but I’m working on that.

Next week, I’m even giving myself a “vacation,” which just means I won’t be at my computer editing NIH grants. Instead, I’ll be attending the 2011 Oncofertility Consortium conference (and then trying to catch up on my writing at night, of course). I’ll be tweeting too (#oncofert11), because I just can’t help myself. I’m expecting this conference to be full of great stuff to share. The Oncofertility Consortium is also one of my longest-running clients, and it’s great to be able to sit in on presentations of the latest research and issues and keep myself up-to-date.

That’s it. When things slow down a bit (after October 5…I live by the NIH grants calendar), I’ll make sure I write something a little more substantial.


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